Adult information & Criminal Records Check Process

Every adult over the age of 18 involved in Scouting must have criminal record checks carried out, and renewed, every 5 years. These checks must be from the Czech Republic, and also from the UK if one has lived there past one’s 10th birthday. These checks ensure that those involved with children in the group are suitable to do so.

The process is laid out below.

All Applicants

You will need to fill in the Adult Information form. The completed form should be emailed to

Adult Information Form

The information from this form will be transferred to the UK Scout HQ system. All information stored will be managed in line with Data Protection Legislation.  This form includes the need to ask for two referees that you have known for 5 years or more to verify you are suitable to work with children.

If You Have Lived in the UK

If you have lived in the UK at any time since you were 10 years old, you will need to complete a UK Criminal Check form online.

In order to complete the CRB form we will need to see a number of documents from you to verify your ID. (Evidence of these documents will also need to be provided.)

If you have lived in the UK, we will ALSO need you to go to a Czech POINT and get a Czech criminal record check done (see details below).  This can be requested at any post office or local council office displaying the Czech POINT sign by providing your passport. Any costs will be refunded by the group, so please ask for, and keep, the receipt.  

If You Have Not Lived in the UK

If you have not lived in the UK, then you simply need to go with your passport and request:

A Czech Criminal Record Check (“výpis z rejstříku trestů”)

This can be done by taking your passport to any Czech POINT office (post office/town hall, etc.) and asking for a criminal record check for working with children. They will then process this and either send it to you or ask you to pick it up. We have had great success in doing this at the Radnice (town hall) in Prague 2 on Namesti Miru. The staff there speak English and they are very quick at processing the request. We have also had great success at Rejstřík trestů Praha at Soudni 1 in Prague 4 near the Pražského povstání metro station. It will cost you 100 Kč (which, if you keep the receipt, we will refund to you). Please send the final record check to 
Should any assistance in this process be needed, or should any problems arise, please feel free to contact our group appointments administrator Mark Farrell at

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