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1st Prague Scout Group Sections


Squirrel Scouts, aged 4-6, are an introductory Scouting section. Before transitioning to Beaver Scouts at 6-6.5 years, they explore, make friends, play games, and attend outings in their red uniforms. They meet weekly in a Squirrel Scout Den.

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Beaver Scouts, aged 6-8, are the second Scouting section. Kids can join just before turning six and progress to Cub Scouts between 8 and 8.5 years. Distinguished by turquoise sweatshirts, they focus on friendship, games, outings, and helping others. Weekly meetings are held in a Beaver Scout Colony.

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Cub Scouts, aged 8-10½, engage in various activities like swimming, music, exploring, and computing, earning badges for their achievements. They enjoy outings to places like zoos, theme parks, and farms. Camping trips are also common, offering tent stays and outdoor adventures with their Pack.

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Scouts, aged 10½-14, can join at 10 and stay until 15. As the final Scout Group section, they partake in Challenges Awards to Activity Badges. Half the program includes outdoor and adventurous activities, from camping to yachting. Scouts delve into self-exploration, creativity, and values. The international dimension often involves trips abroad.

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Explorer Scouts, aged 14-18, guided by Unit leaders, design their programs and aim for top Scouting awards. They undertake camps, expeditions, and adventures, both locally and abroad. They can join the Young Leaders’ Scheme, mentoring younger sections, and must exit before 18.

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Adult Volunteers

Join us to help children develop life skills. Choose your commitment level and preferred age range: Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, Scout, or Explorer. As part of a team, plan activities around adventure, skills, and global themes, with badges promoting leadership and teamwork. We also seek admin support and event assistance.

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Ukraine Club

1st Prague Scouts launched a club for young Ukrainians in Prague, funded by Komercni Banka’s Nadace Jistota and British Scouting Overseas. Offering weekly events, participants enjoy challenges, crafts, games, sports, and learn #skillsforlife indoors and out.

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