Joining our group!

This page is dedicated to providing details of how your family members can join our Group, the various people they will meet, what you can expect of us and what we expect of you and your children, as well as general information about our Group.

  • Young Person Joining  Enquiry Form – Please complete this form for more information on joining. This form is young people aged 6 to 17 years old and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

When and where do we meet?

Each of our Sections normally meets once per week during the school term. There are often opportunities for members to take part in events throughout the year. These might include day outings, camps and expeditions as well as a whole host of other activities.

Detailed below are the normal meeting times for each of our Sections:




Beaver Scouts (6 to 8 years)- Thursday, 5.30pm to 7pm

The Beavers meet at Park Lane International School in Malá Strana (Valdštejnská 151/6a, Prague 1)




Cub Scouts (8 to 10.5 years)- Thursday, 5.30pm to 7pm

The Cubs meet at Park Lane International School in Malá Strana (Valdštejnská 151/6a, Prague 1)




Scouts (10.5 to 14 years) – Tuesday 6pm to 7.30pm  

 The Scouts meets at the Riverside Junior High School at Hradcanska, M. Horákové 300/129, Praha 6, Czech Republic, just 1-minute walk from the metro.



Explorer Scouts (14 to 18 years) – Tuesday 6.15pm to 8pm  

 The Explorer Scouts meets at the Riverside School – Senior High and Arts Centre Hradčanská Office Center, Third Floor, M. Horákové 116/109, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic, just above the Hradcanska metro station.

What do members need?

For the first few meetings, your child needs nothing at all to experience the magic of Scouting. The Scout Association produces a range of uniforms for all age groups as well as an extensive range of books to support the development of members as they progress from the Beaver Scout Section through to the Scout Network.

The Section Leader will agree a time when it is suitable to obtain a uniform and start working on the Scout Programme.

The joining fee includes the purchase of the first uniform top. Subsequent uniform purchases are at your cost. 

Uniform for this group will be Group scarf (provided), Section Uniform Top (first provided), Plain navy blue Cargo style trousers (can be purchased from Scout Shops Ltd or from any suitable supplier. Does not need to be the official Scout Brand.

What will it cost?

Subscription rates

(effective September 2019) 

Scouting is managed and led by volunteers. Our goal is to ensure that scouting is available to everyone, regardless of means.

Subscription charges are set by the 1st Prague Scouts Executive Committee These cover weekly activities and a contribution to weekend events. Some weekend activities and international camps incur an additional charge, particularly where we need to hire transport, travel by plane or pay for external instructors and equipment. In all circumstances, we endeavour to secure the best value for money.  

  • Beavers & Cubs      CZK 400 / month x 12              2400kc per semester
  • Scouts                     CZK 500 / month x 12              3000kc per semester
  • Explorers                CZK 600 / month x 12               3600kc per semester

There is an initial joining fee of 1000kc. This covers the group uniform and the first month’s subscription.

As scouts change sections (Beavers to Cubs etc.), they will need to buy their new section uniform. This they can do through their group leader or by purchasing independently from the UK Scouts Shop (hyperlink to or other outlets such as ebay.

Siblings: we offer a 100kc per month discount for the third scout from a single family. (Previous arrangements for existing siblings remain in place).

You must pay by subs by direct bank transfer to Bank Account :

        Bank Account Name – 1st Prague Scout Group

2801270827 / 2010

(IBAN CZ1220100000002801270827, BIC FIOBCZPPXXX).

It would be great if you could send the monthly subs by the 20th day of
each month. If you can please use your child’s name in the reference box to identify who has

If anyone has trouble in meeting these costs you can discuss this in confidence with your Section Leader, we can support low-income family members in being members of the group.

Leadership and adult support.

The adults who run our Scout Group are called Scouters. Contrary to the belief of many, they are unpaid volunteers who give freely of their time for the benefit of our young people and fully support the aims of the Scout Association. All leaders are required to undertake training or learning appropriate to their role. This training normally takes place in their own time; the vast majority of our Leaders also have full-time jobs and family commitments.

Section Leaders are responsible to our Group Scout Leader who, in turn, is responsible to the District Commissioner.

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints please speak to the Section Leader. If your concern is about the Section Leader, please contact the Group Scout Leader. If he is not available or you are still not satisfied, please refer to the District Commissioner.

District Commissioner – Paul Kanikowski –

Medical and dietary information

It is essential that you inform the Section Leader if your child suffers from any medical condition or if they require any special medicines or treatment.

It is also necessary for information to be supplied to the Section Leader about any dietary need of your child. In the first instance, you should provide this information on the membership application form and, thereafter, update the Leaders if circumstances change.

Child protection

It is the policy of the Scout Association to safeguard the welfare of all members by protecting them from physical, sexual, and emotional harm. The Scout Association takes all reasonable steps to ensure that, through relevant procedures and training, members and adults taking part in Scout activities do so in a safe environment.

Parental permission

It is taken as understood that you give your permission for your child to take part in Scout activities during the normal meeting time. However, when your child becomes a member of our Group, in addition to providing the usual personal information, you may be asked to provide permission for your child to take part in activities that may take place away from the Scout HQ.

In addition, you will also be asked to give permission for your child’s image to appear in any newsletters, newspaper articles and on Scouting websites, such as this. In order to protect your child, we undertake never to associate a name with a picture and, unless the article so merits.

Your permission is sometimes needed for specific events, camps and activities that may take place at a different place or time. You will be asked to complete a separate parental consent form in such circumstances.

How about volunteering?

The Scout Association is run by volunteers and it encourages parents and guardians to assist in the leadership team on a regular or occasional basis. Any support that you or your family can offer Scouting is welcomed, appreciated and valued. 

Help is particularly appreciated with practical skills, outdoor activities, as well as with transport, equipment and fundraising. You may also be willing to assist occasionally with the Section meeting night, with administration and fundraising. In addition, you may also consider taking on a uniformed role within the Group.

More information on joining as an adult can be found on our Adult information Page.

Supporting your child.

The Scout Association encourages you to support your child’s involvement in Scouting activities:

Please ensure that you deliver and collect your child at the appropriate times and place, as advised by the Section Leader. Always check that an adult leader has arrived before leaving your child.

Please tell the Section Leader if someone different from usual will be collecting them. Members are never left unsupervised, but if you are persistently late, the Section Leader may ask you to make other safe arrangements for collection.

Our members wear uniforms to distinguish themselves and to make themselves clearly visible. The wearing of our uniform also services to instil a sense of pride in the Group and Scouting in general, as well as showing their individual achievements in the form of badges. Because of this, please ensure, unless advised to the contrary by the Section Leader, that your child wears full uniform (including top, scarf and woggle) to each meeting. It is acceptable to bring a change of clothing and footwear for games and outdoor activities.

Please ensure that you return forms and payment on time. If you have difficulties completing forms or making payments then please speak in confidence to the Section Leader, we aim to make Scouting available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

Please ensure that you inform the Section Leader of any change in the family situation that is likely to affect your child’s behaviour. It is not necessary to give details. All information will be treated in confidence.

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