How to earn your badge:

Stage 1

  1. Eat three traditional international foods from at least 2 countries other than your own.
  2. Take a selfie of you and your friends enjoying at least one of these foods from an outdoor vendor or market, post to Facebook, Instagram, or another suitable social media and receive sarcastic comments from friends on how you should watch your blood pressure…
  3. Write a report or feedback to your section on the food eaten, detailing your opinion of the food and how it compares to fish ‘n’ chips.

Stage 2

  1. Take at least two of your leaders to a restaurant serving international food and pay the bill.
  2. If you take your entire section leadership team, you automatically qualify for stage 4 of this badge.

Stage 3

  1. Take a traditional international dish and replace one key ingredient with a contradictory one to make it original to you. Examples: Pan de Chocolate with pesto instead of chocolate. Fish and Chips with air-dried apples instead of chips. Toad in the hole but with Korean kimchi instead of gravy.

Stage 4

  1. To link with your Communicator activity badge, ask a leader to help you contact a person with the same nationality as the dish you adapted in Stage 3. Explain to this person why your adapted version might actually be better than the traditional one.


1st April 2021

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young person’s abilities.

If pineapple is added to pizza, this can be still regarded as traditional.

See our guidance on flexibility.

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